Chuck (L) 36" - Red

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Chuck (L) 36" - Red

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Chuck my boy, is roly-poly, fun and jolly. Our friendly neighbour Mr Goliath likes him because he is made out of easy-clean nylon and comes with an inner lining that separates the beans. (Like all other Doof's beanbags.) So in case (everytime) Mr Goliath drools on Chuck, he is able to wipe off easily or remove just the cover for cleaning without leaving any stains. Rumour has it that Mr Goliath once snuggled up to Chuck for 12 straight hours.

We refuse to comment. :)





Available in 2 sizes:

Large : 36" diameter - RM 520
Small : 30" diameter - RM 400

Colors Available : Turquoise, Royal Purple, Green, Red, Pink, Orange
Materials : 100% Nylon (Outer Cover)

Warranty : 1 year 

What will I receive? : Product comes WITH BEANS. Ready to use upon arrival.


100% Nylon, Water/ Drool resistant. 

Comes with inner lining for beans. Separates beans from outer bag so you can completely remove the outer bag for a thorough fumigation when it starts smelling like you.

Label, the size of your face to ward off intruders that might potentially interfere with your Doofing sessions.

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